If you were aware just how much Torin-Sifan produced air movement technology was around you both at work, leisure and in the home, you would probably be very surprised.

In addition to building services, such as heating and ventilation devices, where you may expect to see Torin-Sifan products, our technology can be found in many other areas. In the home you will find Torin-Sifan solutions inside your cooker hoods, clothes dryers, ovens to name some. At work or pleasure, you will find Torin-Sifan technology at the heart of commercial catering equipment, hand dryers, commercial dryers and commercial kitchen systems.

The range of applications that our best in class EC motorised centrifugal impeller technology extends to is quite staggering. The varied environments and atmospheres our technology is exposed to ensures that quality in design, materials specified, construction process and life testing leaves nothing to chance ensuring the highest quality products consistently. In addition the need for the most energy efficient solutions to stay abreast of energy use legislation makes our EC technology the preferred choice for OEM’s.