Erp compliant

What does ErP compliant mean?

As an organisation we are ErP compliant, but what does this actually mean? Well to save you time, we’ve detailed it all below.

How did the ErP Directive begin?

The ErP directive came into action after the EU set its climate and energy targets for 2020. These targets wanted to see a 20% change in the following three key areas:

  • 20% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions
  • 20% of EU energy from renewables
  • 20% improvement in energy efficiency.

The EU signed the Kyoto Protocol – an international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and created the Erp Directive to help meet obligations set out by the Kyoto Protocol.

What does ErP stand for?

ErP stands for Energy-related Products. As explained by eco-3e, “An energy related product is a product which has an impact on energy consumption (electricity, fossil fuels and renewable energy sources) during use. This also includes products (components and subassemblies) that allow generation, transfer and measurement of such energy.”

By becoming ErP compliant it shows your products meet the energy guidelines set out by the EU. 

How does the ErP Directive effect the air moment industry?

All new fans with input powers of 125W-500kW must comply with the new more stringent efficiency limits. This includes axial fans, forward and backward curved centrifugal fans and cross flow fans. It is important to note that the regulation not only applies to fans as individual items, but also applies to fans integrated into other products such as complete ventilation, heating and cooling products and it is the responsibility of product manufacturers to ensure compliant fans are being used within their products. However, it is also important for energy managers and FMs to be aware of the regulation. Fans which do not comply with the efficiency levels will not be permitted to be marketed in Europe.

ErP Directive and Torin-Sifan

At Torin-Sifan our product development strategy is heavily influenced by legislation such as this Directive and we are committed to reducing energy consumption and waste as well as providing our customers with high quality products.

For example, Torin-Sifan’s new energy efficient EC Direct Drive Centrifugal Fans (ECDDC) are not only compliant with the ErP Directive, but also exceed its required FMEGs by nearly 50%. The ECDDC range also offers best in class performance for lowest specific fan power

In summary, becoming ErP compliant shows you not only meet international regulations, but are also lessening your environmental impact. We have a range of energy efficient products and are innovating new solutions every day. See if we can help you by dropping us a message.