Key features and Benefits

  • Single and double shaft/impeller options
  • Impeller lengths from 180 mm – 360 mm as standard
  • Impeller diameter 60 mm as standard
  • Steel construction robust housings
  • Aluminium impellers

Supply (V/Ph/Hz)
Max Airflow (m³/h)
Max Current (A)
Max Input Power (W)
Max Speed (rpm)
ErP Efficiency Rating (FMEG)
Ip Rating
Motor Insulation Class
Temperature Range (°C)
Weight (KG)

Tangential Fans

Tangential (also known as Crossflow) fans are used to provide an elegant and efficient solution for many applications wherever air is required uniformly to heat, cool or ventilate.

This fan consists of an extended forward curved impeller type (similar to a cylindrical lawn mower blade) and also requires the use of a type of fan scroll (volute). Instead of the air entering the impeller through the eye of the impeller, for this type of fan the scroll housing has an opening on one side usually at 90° from the direction of the air outlet.

Advantages of tangential fans are their minimal cross sectional size and the fan lengths that are possible, making them a good choice in applications where an even flow of air is required over a given section of coil or ventilation equipment.

Custom Solutions

As well as a standard range, we will work in partnership with you to develop bespoke, application specific fan solutions, allowing you to maintain yourself at the forefront of your market.

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