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Tailored Solutions

By involving us at the early stages of product design, we can design and customise a product specifically for your application as part of a system rather than component approach.

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Services Overview

Torin-Sifan understands that sometimes a standard product may not offer the most optimal solution for a given customers application. As a result we offer a number of services that ensures we are able to offer each of our customers product solutions that meet their exacting needs.

This can involve custom designs, co-developments and technology licence agreements. Our expertise in aerodynamic design, EC motor technology, drive technology, efficiency and acoustics, plus our willingness to share this knowledge has positioned Torin-Sifan as the partner of choice for energy efficient air movement solutions. This is underpinned by an extensive team of product development and applications engineers as well as excellent research and development facilities.

Standard Product Services

Torin-Sifan has a wide range of standard products across our product ranges. These standard products are designed, developed, manufactured and sold worldwide. They are readily available from our production lines and stockholding.

Custom Product Services

A customised product is a specifically designed solution for our customers application.  This would normally involve joint technical collaboration on the aerodynamic design of the application to ensure optimal performance of the fan.  The fan is usually very specific to the application it has been designed for.

Custom Product examples:

  • One motor, two impellers developed for a European manufacturer.
  • Motor drive technology licenced on the motherboard electronics for a customer.
  • A designed and customised fan for a gas boiler manufacturer.

Product Optimising Services

An optimised product is a variant of a standard product. Optimisation may involve a specified lead length, plug fitting, specific mounting/fixing arrangements, optimised motor windings and PCB layouts and much more.

We are a firm believer that we are selling a fan in application, not just a fan. Talk to our team to optimise your product offering.

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