A Fan for a Greener Solution

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At Torin-Sifan, we pride ourselves on the ability to meet our customer needs and create tailor-made solutions for them. Afterall, not one fan fits all.

One company approached us with a need for a bespoke, low-noise motorised impeller that was suitable for handling high temperatures in their new zero emissions boiler. Due to the nature of the product, the motorised impeller had to be highly efficient and controllable to ensure that it met with their product brief and focus on creating a sustainable solution. We met with the client to understand their product brief and ultimate goal for the end product, and with this detailed understanding our team of engineers and product specialists worked collaboratively with the client to develop a unique and specialised solution.

The zero-emission boiler our motorised impeller would be used in, would be a low carbon alternative to a gas or oil boiler, Heating the home affordably while lowering carbon footprint. As an organisation who has signed a climate commitment to be NetZero by 2050, this project closely aligned with our own goals. It was great to be given an opportunity to work on a green initiative to lower UK carbon emissions.

We appreciate customers’ requirements are always evolving with the times and we will continue to adapt to ensure we meet them. This is underpinned with an extensive team of product development and applications engineers, as well as excellent research and development facilities.

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