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Torin-Sifan successfully develops new range of MVHR products

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The challenge

A market leading supplier of Mechanical ventilation products came to Torin-Sifan with a project for a new range of MVHR products. They needed a product where product efficiency and noise were key attributes. The client had been successfully selling MVHR products for several years, but they were looking for a partner that could support them with delivering a new market leading solution.

The solution

The client approached us to help with developing a new range of high efficiency, whisper quiet EC3 products. We listened to the clients requirements and supported them with guidance from our in-house engineering teams and our knowledge from working within the European ventilation market for over 50 years. At Torin-Sifan, we pride ourselves on the ability to produce custom products to suit customer needs, whether that be the material to produce the product, the performance or perhaps the physical/electronic properties.

The result

This resulted in the development of a customised solution with a new plastic scroll housing and our high efficiency EC3 motor platform combining to deliver class leading efficiency benefits.  The client had been using a fan from another organisation that offered limited flexibility in control, so our ability to offer various control options allowed Torin-Sifan to produce a solution that offered significant improvements in efficiency but that was also fully optimised for the clients hardware.

If you would like to benefit from our bespoke service packages then contact us today to discuss. With over 50 years of experience, we are committed to research and developing new products.  Ensuring we comply with the latest ErP directive and bringing out new energy saving technology.

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