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Industry Expertise

Torin-Sifan has over 50 years’ experience in the design, development and manufacture of fan and motor technology, to support the ever changing needs of the HVAC industry.

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Torin-Sifan solutions can be found in a large number of oil, gas, electric and renewable applications, ranging from condensing gas boilers, heat pumps, warm air heating, storage heating and pellet stoves for the residential sector. Within the commercial sector manufacturers of radiant tube heaters, fan heaters, industrial unit heaters, oil heaters as well as larger output condensing gas boilers have made a home for Torin-Sifan fan technology.

Torin-Sifan’s product range for the heating industry has been developed to take account of the air performance, high efficiency, controllability and low noise requirements of our customers and also European wide legislation that continues to demand improvements particularly in product efficiency levels. Our team of design and applications engineers look forward to working hand-in-hand with you through your product design process.


Our commercial range of fans are found in extract fan units, air handling units, clean room applications, comfort cooling units, VAV units, commercial kitchens to name a few. The centrifugal impeller technology used in these fans is driven by AC motors, 3-phase inverter motors and also EC motors for optimal efficiency and controllability, all meeting the current requirements laid down by the ErP fans directive. High levels of quality and reliability are a hallmark of this range.

Torin-Sifan has underpinned our commercial ventilation heritage by developing a leading position in meeting the needs of the growing residential ventilation sector. Whether you need a BLDC Motor, low voltage BLDC motor, full 230V EC motor with onboard electronics, access to our drive technology, please discuss with us as the choice is yours. You will find Torin-Sifan product inside many of the most respected equipment brands in Europe.


If you were aware just how much Torin-Sifan produced air movement technology was around you both at work, leisure and in the home, you would probably be very surprised. In addition to building services, such as heating and ventilation devices, where you may expect to see Torin-Sifan products, our technology can be found in many other areas. In the home you will find Torin-Sifan solutions inside your cooker hoods, clothes dryers, ovens to name some. In the commercial industry you will find Torin-Sifan technology at the heart of  catering equipment, hand dryers, dryers and kitchen systems.

The need for the most energy efficient solutions to stay abreast of energy use legislation makes our EC technology the preferred choice for OEM’s. You will find Torin-Sifan technology at the heart of commercial catering equipment, hand dryers, commercial dryers and commercial kitchen systems.

Electronics Cooling

Torin-Sifan has a wide range of fans and motors ideal for a varied use of applications requiring the cooling of electronics. This ranges from IT and Telecommunication projects to overhead projectors and production control stations. Any applications where electronic generated heat needs to be managed to prolong lifetime and prevent plant breakdown can make use of some of the most energy efficient solutions available. Torin-Sifan’s design and applications engineering team would be delighted to work with you on your cooling project.


Whilst the industries covered represent some of the largest markets that Torin-Sifan supports with our air movement technology, there are numerous other applications that our product range can add value too.This includes the transport industry (road & rail), Automotive industry, refrigeration and supermarkets, vending machines, industrial abrasive substance applications, horticultural and hydroponic industry and many more.If you have a requirement for latest generation aerodynamic technology, EC energy saving motor technology and a long established reputable partner with a high quality culture, Torin-Sifan is the company you should choose to do business with.

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