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8 key values of Torin-Sifan

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Our company values are a central part to our daily decisions. The relationships we have with our customers and staff are equally important to us. Both have determined the success of our company and our values support this. Here are the 8 key values of Torin-Sifan.


Our people are our business. The development of a professional team that blends academic excellence with time served industry skills and experience is essential to our future innovation. Building strong relationships with our customers and partners is integral to our ethos.


Growth of our capabilities, reputation, and financial returns. This will be the ultimate indicator of our ability to honour the values of innovation, service, reliability, integrity, professionalism and fun.


Anticipating the impacts of changing legislation upon our markets, we are focused upon realising a portfolio of products that embrace new technologies to satisfy our customers’ needs.


Delivering customer satisfaction via a process driven infrastructure that retains the personalised flexibility to react to our customers’ exceptional needs, is the most important goal for our business.


We strive to understand our markets to ensure consistency of product and service. Our absolute commitment must extend to doing as we said we would do within the timeframe we agreed to do so.


Developing trusted relationships, acting with honesty, and fostering a culture of transparency and responsibility must remain the cornerstones of the reputation we have built over the past 50 years.


To create a safe, clean and efficient workplace where products are manufactured to the correct specification and quality, at the same time ensuring orders are completed in full and on time.


Provide stability, equality and opportunity to inspire all of our people to exceed their expectations within a friendly and professional working environment.

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