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A collective achievement of 98 years at Torin-Sifan!

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We wanted to highlight two individuals who have been at Torin-Sifan for 98 years collectively!

It can be rare for employees to stay in a company for a long period of time, the average UK worker will change employer every few years. But at Torin-Sifan we have been lucky to have so many employees reach their 15 year anniversaries and beyond.


Gordon Harris, Production Planner has recently celebrated 54 years here and David Fairhurst, Production Controller has reached 44 years! When asked to comment on their careers at Torin-Sifan, Gordon starts by saying,

“I started work on 12th September 1966 as an apprentice toolmaker, from there i moved into logistics and today I am a Production Planner. Torin-Sifan has helped me to develop my skills and progress through the corporate ladder.”

“If your job is your hobby you’ll never want to leave,” – Gordon Harris, Production Planner.


Torin-Sifan’s name originates from a blend of two companies – Torin UK and Sifan Systems. In the 1990s these companies merged to form Torin-Sifan. David speaks of how his role changed during this time,

“I started as a stock checker but was quickly moved into what Sifan called Supply Dept, essentially it was the same as Customer Services but we also created the production plan. I continued with the same role when I came over to Torin, including planning ,after a few months in purchasing.”

“I’ve been at Torin-Sifan for 44 years and I’ve stayed because I’ve enjoyed it throughout” – David Fairhurst, Production Controller.
Our employees are the strength of our business, ensuring our employees are developed with new skills and experience is essential to our future innovation. You can read more about how we invest in our employees here.


We want to personally thank both Gordon and David for their continued service at Torin-Sifan and all the employees we have on board currently.

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