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A small change that has improved our environmental impact

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Torin-Sifan recognises the quality and reliability of our products and services, together with a responsibility to the environment is of great importance to our customers, employees and stakeholders.

Now more than ever, the state of the environment is at the top of everyone’s agenda. There is no doubt individuals and companies alike need to take responsibility for their actions, and at Torin-Sifan we strive to take a proactive approach to reducing our environmental impact.

Sometimes it can be the small changes that make a big difference, which is why we contacted PALLITE®. We were looking for an alternative to chipboard and PALLITE® offered lightweight paper solutions. The paper layer pads they offered us were not only 100% recyclable but more environmentally-friendly than traditional chipboard. The paper layer pads also contribute to lower fuel consumption, due to being lighter than chipboard alternatives.

Our environmental policy covers the areas in which we proactively look to improve. We felt working with PALLITE® helped towards achieving our following three goals:

  • Maintaining an efficient transport fleet to minimise fuel usage.
  • Minimising raw materials usage and reducing waste generated.
  • The conservation of energy, water, raw materials and other natural resources.

It was a smooth transition to PALLITE® and they provided us with the ideal solution. But we won’t stop there; at Torin-Sifan we continuously review our practices to see where else we can help reduce our environmental impact. For more on our environmental policy, please click here.

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