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Providing healthy air solutions

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We provide sustainable solutions for healthy air applications, so we were delighted when we were contacted by a company that needed an energy efficient fan to help with a filtration cab air quality system.

This filtration system ensures only clean, filtered air is blown into the cabin by creating a pressurised environment which prevents the outside contaminated air from entering. This helps reduce absences caused by airborne illnesses, as it provides healthy air for the operator whilst in the vehicle.

The client approached us because their existing fan solution was not capable of meeting their requirements, the brief was to provide a compact and efficient fan that could also deliver the performance required to overcome the restriction created by the filtration system.

Working closely with the client to understand the application, environmental conditions and performance requirements so that we could present them with a solution that would deliver against each of the key requirements, we proposed our DSB144 EC fan, selected from our range of High Efficiency Combustion fans, which has been designed to operate in harsh environments such as condensing gas boilers and this provided a perfect fit for the brief, delivering a high performance of airflow and pressure from a compact design whilst also remaining highly efficient. This solution was a perfect match for the application and we are pleased to add this to our catalogue of examples where we have worked with our clients to understand their needs and delivered the right product.

Air quality and ventilation is more important than ever to ensure a healthy environment and here at Torin we are committed to delivering solutions, using the latest technology, that can be used in a wide variety of air movement applications.  Our approach has always been to work closely with our clients and to deliver the best solution for the job!

Contact us today to explore our wide range of energy efficient solutions and see how we can help you to exceed your expectations.

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