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What is Energy Efficiency?

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Living in a climate-conscious time,  you may have heard ‘Energy Efficiency’ repeated a few times. But what does it mean?

Energy efficiency is based on a product using less energy to deliver the same output performance. By doing so it will help eliminate energy waste, lower energy costs and help towards climate change.

Energy efficiency saves money

Energy efficiency has proved to be a cost-effective strategy for organisations and businesses alike. The everyday cost from running a home, school or factory can be reduced by switching to energy efficient products. Anywhere that energy is used, there is an opportunity to improve efficiency.

Energy efficiency and the ErP Directive.

At Torin-Sifan our product development strategy is heavily influenced by legislation such as the ErP Directive and we are committed to reducing energy consumption and waste as well as providing our customers with high quality products.

Since January 2013 all fans had to comply to the ErP directive however, the criteria to meet this directive continues to grow tighter after the EU set its climate and energy targets for 2020 and beyond. These targets include a 20% improvement in energy efficiency.

Torin-Sifan and energy efficiency

We are always looking at new ways to innovate and ensure the best-in-class performance for all our products. We understand how important the environment is, which is why our range boasts highly efficient air movement products. For example, our EC3 range is not only compliant with the ErP Directive, but also exceeds its required FMEGs by nearly 50%. Our Double Inlet impellers (part of our EC3 range) offer aerodynamic efficiency at a low acoustic noise.

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