Why Retrofit?

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Simply put, Retrofitting incorporates new technology with an older system. Instead of having to replace an entire ventilation system, you can simply replace the part that needs updating. For example, swapping from an AC fan to an EC fan not only improves the energy efficiency rating, but can aid the durability of the existing system. Retrofitting is a cost-effective and simple solution.

Why Retrofit a HVAC System?

Traditional AC Direct Drive and Belt Driven Fans have been widely used in HVAC systems for many years such as AHU’s, Fancoil & CRAC systems, but overtime these systems become aged and this can have significant impact to the efficiency, running costs and quality of the air. Replacing the old fan with a newer one, will greatly improve the overall performance of the system.

Benefits of Retrofit

  • Cost effective upgrade
  • Reduced Energy consumption
  • More sustainable
  • Reduced running costs
  • Extended service life of system

How we can help

Here at Torin-Sifan, we have developed products with the same mechanical footprint as our traditional AC and Belt Driven products but incorporating the latest EC technology, delivering improved efficiency and controllability of the fans. This means that a switch to EC fans could reduce your energy consumption by >50% and therefore your annual running costs, whilst also extending the service life of the system with more sustainable solutions.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will work together to improve the energy efficiency of your system.

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