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Working together to improve air quality

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Healthy air within our homes and workplaces is now more important than ever. With Coronavirus cases still being reported, we’ve quickly learnt how the spread of of bacteria and viruses can easily transmit from person to person through airborne particles. Hence, facemasks have now become compulsory across many parts of the globe.

A client of ours from Germany are also playing their part by engineering and manufacturing an Air purification product which aims to neutralise the air you breathe and clear it of any contamination. Their product provides safer air through disinfection. The air is passed through a UVPE field (Ultraviolet Pathogen Elimination) with UVC light, which immediately renders viruses and microorganisms harmless.

A fundamental component for the Air Purifier is the fan, as this provides effective air movement through the UVPE field and supplies clean air back in to the room. The client had heard of Torin-Sifan’s strong placement within the HVAC market and particular expertise with EC (electronically commutated) motors and so made contact with us. Fully engaging with them from the start to determine what they were striving to achieve and understanding their requirements for a quiet, controllable and efficient fan, we were able to assist them with selecting a model from our Revolution 360 range of High Efficiency, whisper quiet EC3 fans that not only provides low acoustic noise but also delivers best-in-class efficiency by utilising our intelligent electronics to provide precise controllability across the full operating range of the fan. Not only did we deliver a fan that met with the customer’s performance requirements but we also customised the solution to their exact needs.

Here at Torin-Sifan we pride ourselves on the ability to fulfil customer requests and have a team of Technical sales managers and Engineers on hand to work with our clients to fulfil their exact needs.

We understand the importance of healthy indoor air and are proud to be part of this project. For more on our services and what we can do for you, feel free to click here.

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